I cant stop the pulling

i have been pulling my hair for a long time now and its worse then ever. i haven't even told my parents. i have only recently told my girlfriend. this makes me feel so paranoid when people look at my hair. i feel terrible when i do it

I wear a rubber band around my wrist. Everytime I have the urge to pull on some hair, I start to pick at the rubber band instead. It actually helps, not always, but it has a relaxing effect. Plus, if your out in public, no one notices what your doing.

adamm - do you know what triggers it? next time you pull try and stop and think about what you are feeling. i have been doing that and it has been helping me. I notice before i want to pull and try and stop. it takes time to stop by you can do it. Ever since i found my stress trigger i pull a lot less. i still do it every once and a while but not as much as before.