I can't stop thinking no one cares. People tell me they care

I can't stop thinking no one cares. People tell me they care, but whenever they have the chance to prove it... they don't. I know I'm being paranoid. I know it must be the depression. It just feels like no one knows me and no one cares enough to get to know me. For instance: I'm a vegan, been vegan for 3 months. Tonight for dinner my mom decided to she'd be super nice and buy me dinner (awesome). She bought me lamb. In cream sauce. The gesture was nice, and I can even understand that she forgot the vegan thing I mean it hasn't been long and it's not like I shove it in people's faces but how could she forget my severe allergy to dairy... I mean I eat a spoonful of that I'm going to projectile vomit. That makes me feel like she doesn't care.

Hey!! I'm sure that loads of people care about you but the bottom line is ... everyone is selfish! People don't think about others as often as they should. Your mum has thought "oh I'm doing something nice" she has done so on the surface but hasn't thought into it. That to me suggests she has only done it to feel good about herself and I completely see why you think she doesn't care. She should want to know about your life choices and support them. Honestly though, some people do care

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