I can't take it anymore

HEY so i'll get to the point I have ocd and anxiety badly!!! Why ocd had to come out of nowhere after i had a kid, idk. but it sucks. I have obsessive intrusive thoughts... usually about hurting ppl... but sometimes about the weirdest thing... here's one i need some reality check on.. i just got a kitten last night. i could barely sleep... i sometimes have issues sleeping. well it was too hot in my room and I kept thinking about the kitten on my bed so i slept in the livingroom... anyway i came back in my room this morning, ive been laying here with the kitten thinking...please dont judge me or laugh or call me crazy... i cant help my thoughts... ive been thinkng the cat has a curse on me... with sleeping, like she is causing me not to sleep. which is ridiculas i know. but i really need a reality check... like i belive deep down this cat is possessed with some bad thing causing me sleep deprovation. =[ it really sucks having ocd. i have the craziest thoughts... feelings... i need a reality check

. . . . It's just a kitty cat :) That's all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. View it as an unconditional companion who is keeping you company during your hard times :)