I cant

i can't do this anymore!!!!

I'm so sorry!I read your preview post. It is a terrible thing you are going through. I am so sorry you feel this way. I know what it feels like to want to give up. You were very strong to stand up to that man in court. It was so brave of you. That took a lot of strenght and maybe that is why you feel like you want yo give up its like you used everything I. You to get through that. Know we r here for you. Just keep reaching out and we will support you! Stay as strong as you can.

With help you can. And by you posting that means your reaching out. So don't give up. Let us help

I also read your previous post and posted my story there along with the invitation for you to inbox me if needed. I've been in a similar situation and felt exactly as you are now. I pray that you find peace and you are able to carry on until you reach the day where you realize what doesn't kill you truly does make you stronger!

i just can't stop crying tonight the doctors and nurses and my mental health specialist are all fussing around my hospital bed but i just want them to leave me alone....i know they are only trying to help but i don't want them in here.

i just want to say thank you to all of you. i know i shouldn't really be like this but i can't help it tonight its just all on my mind tonight. i really admire how you are all trying to help and then there's stupid me who couldn't really post anything today for anyone else to help them.

im sorry everyone i just can't find the strength tonight.

I feel the same way you do! I am having extreme crying episodes and I don't know how to stop them. I just let it all out and hope it makes me feel better. Can they give you something to help you calm down? Don't feel alone! We are here to help you get through this tough time. Big big hugs

Right now you need to focus on yourself. Let us help you right now. There will be plenty of time for you to help others no worries. Take care of yourself

Hope is right! Take care of yourself and you will be able to help others in due time.

As far as the doctors and nurses being in your room, ask your nurse for a mild sedative to calm your nerves down and ask them to kindly leave you be. (They can peek in on you if need be.) They work for you and many people fail to realize that. It sounds like you need some rest. Maybe you should close your door, close your eyes and try and get some sleep. Everyone will be here for you when you wake :) Once again...HUGS to you!

they have tried to help by giving me something to calm down i think it might be starting to work.
its really hard to communicate with the staff here and im scared to ask for anything.

thank you for the hugs

So good that the Medea may be working. Hope you feel at least a bit relieved. Do you feel anxiety normally if your in a hospital ( even if its visiting someone) because this may compound it right now.

yes i do. i have hated hospitals for a long time now!!

That cant help! I hats hospitals too. Have had to many bad experiences. Even the smell of hospital soap can trigger bad memories for me. Sorry your there. Do you know when u will be released?

im sorry for your bad experiences.

they want me to stay in at least two weeks!! :'(

Wow that's awhile! I'm here if you want to pm me. We can chat n ill help keep hour mind busy. Or at least ill try lol!

I was in the hospital 2 weeks in the spring. I felt better and I was ok for two weeks afterwards.

Make sure they have a good follow up plan when you are released.

The realities of your life can quickly return when you are back
to your normal routine.

i managed to get a little bit of sleep but then the bad dreams came again and yet again i woke up screaming, crying and shaking.
i will be honest......i don't feel any better this morning. and saying that makes me feels much worse because of all of you who are trying to support me.

im just tired of the fighting, the sadness, the pain.

i know its like im reaching out maybe sub-consiously i am but right this moment i wish i had never woke up from my little sleep.