I constantly feel like my guy friend has no respect for me

I constantly feel like my guy friend has no respect for me. Like when we're hanging out, everything's fine, but it's always when planning to hang out that it happens. Today, he apparently had plans with his friends, but one of them apparently may have had other plans, and was not sure if he was going to hang out or not. He texted me, saying his friend might not come anymore, and asked me if I wanted to come. I asked him what time they were going and where they were going like 5 minutes later, and when he responded, 10 minutes after I responded, he said his friend had changed his mind. I hate how he always does things/makes decisions spontaneously, and changes/cancels plans last minute all the time. I've expressed it to him multiple times before to let me know at least an hour beforehand, but he always makes excuses and doesn't change his behavior. Feels like I'm always a last resort/backup plan for him. Ironically, I also don't like planning too far in advance (like more than a week) because I don't know what I'll be doing that day or how I'll feel, and I find that every time we do plan in advance, he always "forgets," or already has other plans and it ends up not happening.

He doesn't have any respect for you. He is using you as a back up option, which to me is unbelievably rude. Seriously, who does he think he is to treat anyone like that? Next time he offers you plans, tell him you have other plans with other friends and if they cancel you'll let him know. And actually go out and meet new friends.

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@Blueberries1234 I confronted him about it a few times, but he just brushed it off, made excuses, and denied that I was just a backup plan. I’ll try to go out more and meet new friends.