I cut my hair a few weeks ago, and it felt great. For the fi

I cut my hair a few weeks ago, and it felt great. For the first time in a while I felt optimistic and good about myself because I was able to take control of my own hair; forget what my mom would say, forget that people usually think that you need a hair stylist to look good--I just did it. It's probably shorter than I've ever had it before, and I completely loved it. I stopped pulling out my hair as much, and the bald spot on my head started to grow in pretty well.
Lately, the stress of procrastinating in my classes, loneliness, and an overall feeling that life is meaningless has started to get to me, and I started pulling my hair out again just as bad as in the past. I've nearly undone all the progress I made, and I just feel so discouraged. There's so much I just want to give up on. I'm sick of the never-ending cycle, the shame, the feeling weak for not being able to stop. I could really use some encouragement.

What are some things you learned during the time of non plucking? It sounds like you learned to not care what others said, that you are stronger than you thought you were, that you can have control over this. Don't dismiss what you learned and don't be discouraged to try again and again.

@CKBlossom I’ve gone through phases like that before, but the hair pulling always comes back. Somehow, I’ll find the determination to do everything I can to really stop pulling, or sometimes it will just kind of stop on its own, but then I inevitably slip up and I end up right back where I started. I won’t give up, though. I guess from this experience I’ve learned that I can be happy with my hair and how I look, and even though my pulling has gotten worse again, I’ve caught a glimpse of how happy I can be if I learn to stop. I don’t want to give that up. I may be back at square one, but I don’t have to stay here. Instead of being discouraged thinking I’ll never be able to quit so why try, I am (right now at least) determined to let things only go uphill from here.