I did it again

I thought yesterday/last night ,I got this no daily laxatives tonight...I wish...9 o'clock came i was heading for my drawer that I keep them in,,there i go my daily dosage....then the follw up by the wonderful continous trips to the bathroom and the pain and discomfort...I ve been think'n I start nursing school in Sept., how am I going to balance this I need to b able to get up and get going to school it's 45 min. from my home come the fall, I can't spend time in the bathroom....I need to get myslf together and face the "giants" in my life..easier said then done!

mas617 - its great that you realize you need to stop this and know that it will take time. Have you talked to a doctor or tried therapy of any kind? It is important to get help, bulimia, and laxatives have bad effects on your body, and i want to make sure you get healthy and are ok. please keep writing here but try talking to a doctor so you can get on track and proper guidance.