I did something today I have been avoiding for months. I fin

I did something today I have been avoiding for months. I finally was forced into explaining in vivid detail just what her actions did to me and the damage she caused. I knew this conversation had to be had. But when her dad died I put it off. I wanted her to grieve and not add to it. I know after what she did I should not be protecting her and I should be putting myself first. But old habits are so hard to break. But when she pushed me on why i am still having issues. I was doing so much better a couple of months ago I had to let it out. There has been so much that has happened that my views were changing. Part of that is a lot of intense therapy that has forced me to really look at everything. I have serious issues with my health that are making me look at my mortality. These things and others are making me evaluate everything. I can't stomach him in her life. One of us has to go. I know she is entitled to her own life. But I am also entitled to mine. In life everything comes at a cost. I will no longer pay the price for her wants. I don't know what will happen. But I know something died today between us. I only hope things will get better now but I doubt it.

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Things may change between you...
Hopefully, she will respect you more.

I hope your right.

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