I didn't know why I do this? I try to understand but I can't

I didn't know why I do this? I try to understand but I can't. Do any of you understand why you do it maybe it cause help me to understand why I do it.

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from what I understand, many eating disorders have some component about control, what control means to us, and how control is handled. what we allow ourselves to eat, not eat, or expel from our bodies. what are your thoughts? what have you done so far in healing? Hugs to you!

I think control is def an issue when we handle things in order to be in control. Also the world I believe is a factor: society, maybe your family plays a role; I know mine does. Also traumas sometimes do it. I suffer from PTSD from a four wheeler wreck when I went into a coma and I get anxious to drive and I have used an Ed as control of something to feel comfortable since I can't control the trauma.
Breakups have really been a trigger for me esp. Being cheated on.
I've had people make fun of how I look that made me feel out of control and again, eating is something I can control.
There's so many possibilities. You can even google stuff and it'll tell you if you want more info