I dint know why but all of a sudden I am just so angry at my

I dint know why but all of a sudden I am just so angry at my partner and I don't want to be anywhere near her. She just pisses me off. I get a moment of ok your being to mean you know you miss her but then I just get so mad... I am not sure what to do. Everyone keeps telling me it's apart of the process (she gave it to me). And that you should tough it out and work through it because we've been together so long. Truth is there have been days lately where I don't care and I want to leave her.... This just might end of our relationship. And days like today.. I couldn't care less.

hugs and love to you. I think right now this is all so new and sudden, that it is hard not to have your emotions in on everything. Right now, everything in the relationship is seen through a cloud of herpes. It must be hard to see past all that right now, and I think that is totally normal, and healthy. You need to work through the emotions, process your feelings. Your girlfriend is not herpes, just like you are not. this is only something that you have, it doesn't define, you, her or your relationship. Stay strong and amazing. we are here for you.

Did she cheat or didn't know she had it?

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If she didn't know she had it i think the anger will go away! I've been told four days ago i have it from my boyfriend without him knowing he had it and i wasn't ever angry at him surprisingly. But im still angry at the whole situation of me getting it which i think is pretty understandable! I think over time it will get better but feel like the rest of my life is ruined because of it so i get the whole angry, pissed off emotion of it all! To be honest it's difficult not to get angry at that person and think about what you could have done to prevent it but at the end of the day whats happened has happened and you could really use all the support you can get from family and friends! Hope you figure it all out!