I don't feel loved at my house. I feel like my family would

I don't feel loved at my house. I feel like my family would be better off without me . I am just a problem I have had thoughts about running away but I can't go through with it. I am only 13 and I already have more scars than most people ever will have. I can't stop I feel like Olof I can't hurt others than I will hurt myself.

you are 13?!?!?!!? well, i can say that when i was your age I had been through way to much .....love in my house??? a joke!!!! they actually still dont know what it is....and I am 29 now......but I can tell you that after a couple yrs of doing some real stupid stuff I realized that I was never going to get what I needed from them.....so I moved past it and decided that I would do only for me from then on......
Is there any adult in your life that you can talk to???An aunt ,friend, or someone???
Hang on there ......If you ever want to talk you can write me.......

Hey. You're young but you are def not alone. Many kids your age self harm and feel like you do. Get help now... That way you won't be in the same spot in 13 more years

I felt the same when I was 14. I did run away. I thought nobody would care or look for me. I was wrong. They had many people looking for me alnight. My father finally found me about 15 miles from home. I thought I had gotten to a place where nobody would know where I was. I was walking to look for a place to buy food for myself and my dog when my dad pulled up. I had decided when i left, that if anybody found me, I would run. However, I think I was shocked my dad would look for me all night, and also that he could find me so far from home. I went home with him. he yelled at me all the way home. At home, I could tell my mom had been crying all night. Everybody told me how bad i was, but also told me how much they love me. I did get the attention I was looking for, but not in the way I wanted. Everything I did, and everywhere I went, they made sure there was somebody there to watch me. It took a long time before they started trusting me. I realized afterwards how wrong I was, but before I left, I felt 100% sure it was my only choice. Find somebody to talk to who could be with you to talk to a parent about this.