I don't know how much longer I can pretend... I have sooo mu

I don't know how much longer I can pretend... I have sooo much going on besides dealing with this narcissist. Leaving would bring me peace in the long run but will totally destroy my life in the process. I'm getting tired of the a**hole followed by prince charming. It isn't charming at all. I told him to get out of my face & keep being the a**hole he was really wanting to be. That I don't care because I don't want to be around him at all. He left trying to pull the guilt trip next. Nope. I have no sympathy for all that. It truly is empowering knowing exactly what u r dealing with. I'm ready to be gone. I'm trying to sell my house and then it will be a new life for me & my kids. We just gotta get through this hell for a little bit longer...

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Keep moving forward.
I am still trying to figure out my escape. Can not let him know. He would really screw me over. I don't want to be homeless again. And he is NEVER prince charming. He doesn't have to pretend to be nice to me cause he never is. The closest he comes to being nice is offering to cook me something... that sounds nice but their is a catch. He only offers foods I can't eat. part of his power trip now is trying to get me to eat foods not on my diet. If he is successful he knows he still has control over me. Sounds like I'm paranoid but we have been together for 11 years, so I know.

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@Inmylittlerroom So many r in that same boat… not wanting to end up homeless. I pray The Most High makes u a very clear path out. It is truly amazing how Creator is taking control and handling everything now. I keep thinking I’m struggling but it always seems to be helping in the long run to get the ball rolling on me getting out. I don’t have to wait to look back to see all the help I am being given. I see it all happening right in front of me and it is AMAZING! Know ur worth. Don’t ever let anyone treat u bad. My brand of narcissist is the prince charming one which is why it always hurts so bad when he betrays me and why it has been so hard for me to leave. He makes me feel like I’m everything but then slowly loses interest. That’s the part of his cycle he is on right now. He couldn’t keep up his fake image for too long. Not even after the death of our baby. I see the signs though. I wanna be gone before the next step, which is him reaching out to ex’s. I’m way too grown to be living like that. I’d rather cut my losses and maybe try again someday after much work on myself.

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