I don't know how to feel. everything came crashing down toda

I don't know how to feel. everything came crashing down today. I went to my bestfriends house and was told that his son passed away from an overdose. At the time that was going on I was being told by my roommate that the landlord was going to start eviction papers because we were behind on rent so I had to hurry up and make a payment of which I did. I'm tired of baling people out. Another holiday is coming up what do I have to be grateful for when my whole world is crashing in around me. I'm tired of dealing with people and life.

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Wow, I am so very sorry for your great loss!!! I can't imagine losing my son. I am praying for you in this time of great sorrow, for comfort, peace and understanding. It sounds like you need another room mate to hold up their end of the bargain, you don't need this on top of everything else. Start searching before you let them know they need to move, then it's done and no more added burden.
You need to know there is nothing, Nothing you could have done to prevent the death of your son!! An addict loves the drug more then life or anyone else, including family, and will do anything, Anything to get it. Definitely need to seek counsel in this very hard time! Many churches offer it free too. Just breathe, breathe in peace and out anger, frustration, desperation, and rage. Scream if you need to, go to a field or large land/sea and just scream!! Don't hold all the anger at life in, You gotta let it out. Go for walks, it is truly beneficial in processing it all in your mind and heart. Take a good quality muli vitamin with extra B vitamins and Extra Magnesium. Bs will give you focus and energy, healing nerves. Mag. will free you from anxiety/depression, calming your mind body and spirit. Also, ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. These don't fix things, but they help you thru them. <3 Again, I am so sorry!

@crowningglory19 the son who passed was not mine. The son was my best friend’s. My bestfriend and his ex wife have been divorced for 5 yrs. She left 6 yrs ago ran down to north Carolina because she couldn’t deal with her own son they are mirror images of each other. I’ve dealt with the son for the last 5 yrs. Noone knows or understands what mental illness does and coupled with drug addiction. It’s a horrendous combination. Your fighting mental illness first then you bring drug addiction into the picture you have dual diagnosis.

I’m new here. Just read this. Sounds like you need some clear cut boundaries. Some tools to deal with life and live one day at a time.

I see you posted this some months ago. What has transpired since? Are things better?