I don't know if self harm means cutting or killing yourself

I don't know if self harm means cutting or killing yourself but i have an issue i need to talk about, i hate myself for having no self control. I'm 21 and my parents still treat me like I'm 12 i have no freedom nothing. Don't get me wrong i love my parents but sometimes I just can't take it, last month he took all of my devices because he was angry so when I get extremely angry I always need to do something to relief me, so I bite myself soooooo hard that it left a nasty scar and it hurted afterwards I don't want to hurt myself anymore... how do u guys handle the pain or the anger ?
Ps my parents are extremely severe and my father was raised in the army so he doesn't know how to love and handle a family probably plus he has some serious anger issues, I know I have to be patient but I just can't do it anymore. Peace xx

I also struggle with cutting as well if you like to talk about it im always hear

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I don't know why, but i just can't bring myself to talk about it

It is and always will be hard to talk about it. When i talk about my situation it physically hurts me because I have terrible anxiety. I don't know how to get relief from the pain and anger I feel often but I try and procrastinate so maybe my anger will die down and pass so I will not do something stupid. If you need someone to listen or to give you some tips feel free to contact me anytime of the day or night i will be there for you 24/7. Stay strong and push on!

Thank you so much guys, I really need to get through this I don't wand for my future kids to feel what I'm feeling with my dad. Give me time I'll push myself to talk about it. Thanks again!

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We all hear listening you just have to feel comfortable enough to talk tp us

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