I don't know what is making me sick. I've been trying to fig

I don't know what is making me sick. I've been trying to figure it out for 2 years, and all I get is more sick and no answers. I've tried allergy testing, got nowhere other than finding out I'm allergic to clams, which I don't try to eat anyway, so that doesn't explain anything. Hives and most skin symptoms stopped once I started taking Zyrtec daily. Chronic dysphagia, fullness, and tightness in my throat are the most consistent symptoms, happens daily, lately, it's all of the time every day. I do not seem to be at risk for anaphylaxis, thankfully, but I am chronically suffering and finding no ways to feel better. I have had difficulty swallowing everyday for almost 5 months now, and have lost over 100 pounds in that time. I struggle one meal down in the morning, only able to swallow if I take small bites with sips of water, and then I suffer the rest of the day. Every day. Suffer with the front of my neck feeling heavy, cramping, the fullness feeling, my entire neck all the way around being tight, and later in the day even sips of water become almost impossible. The more I track what I eat, the more confused I get. Changing my diet always makes it worse, but at this point, that's all I can keep doing, is changing it, hoping the next change I make will be the one that finally helps.

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GERD Maybe https://www.healthline.com/health/tightness-in-throat

@dan1950 I do have GERD, I take Omeprazole for it in the morning, and I take Pepcid in the evening. The meds don’t alleviate the tightness and full feeling, sometimes it seems to make it worse even.

Maybe time for re evaluation for surgery, a professional for that syndrome. I am told certain foods can bother it too. You certainly have a lot going on. I hope you get answers soon.

@dan1950 Thank you, I hope so too. Someone I was talking to today also brought up some muscular things in the neck that can cause a lot of what bothers me. I’m gathering a lot of theories to talk to my doc about.

I knew a girl once with similar symptoms. She was about 15, had similar troubles with swallowing and always feeling full. She was diagnosed with GERD too. Unfortunately she was in the same boat as you. None of the doctors knew why she was having so much trouble. I remember talking to her about milkshakes and smoothies, and generally trying to make food as fun and easy to eat as possible.
Does heat or cold make a difference, for either throat or stomach?

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Heat does provide some comfort. I've developed a lot of tension all around my neck throughout the last few months. Heating the back of my neck up and then massaging it tends to help much more than any otc pain relievers can. Today I'm getting some Tiger Balm, gonna give that a try. If I apply that on the front of my neck and it actually helps, then I'll pretty much know it's muscular - and can stop being as paranoid about allergies as I have been. Also, yes, smoothies are a lifesaver!

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I just joined the site recently, and i see that there hasn’t been any action on our post for a while. I hope you are doing well.

When my children were young we started having problems from allergic symptoms. The doctor recommended that we use the book TRACKING DOWN HIDDEN FOOD ALLERGIES by William Crook. He said that the best way to determine food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances was by doing the elimination rotation diet. Maybe all of our allergies were not food-based, but food is the easiest thing to control and lessen the allergic load. It wasn’’t easy, but after doing the diet I was able to identify things bothering my daughter, and to my surprise, things that were bothering me! I eliminated those food items (NO CHEATING!). Of course, there were some immediate results of reduced congestion and digestive issues. But after several months I realized that the severe psoriasis that had been plaguing my scalp had vanished, eczema patches were gone, no problem with hay fever or panic attacks in the spring, and a greatly reduced reaction to animal dander when visiting friends. The relief from these non-food related Irritants was a big surprise. During my allergy study I learned about allergy overload. I might be allergic to 6 things, but if three of them are food and I can eliminate them, the other three don’t bother as much or not at all. Before I cut those foods out of my diet, I couldn’t stand near a horse without tears running down my face and my sinuses packing solid. Now I own horses and can bury my face in them with no reaction.

So yes, sometimes there is only one thing on the menu I can eat in a restaurant, and I have to take my own meal to family dinners. But it’s worth it to be symptom free. Let me know if you need any pointers on how to do the elimination rotation trial.