I don't know what to do

I don't know what to do, I'm feeling hopeless. I've felt like this for a couple weeks now. At first I thought it was my body adjusting to me not using anymore (I'm sober now for roughly one month) but that's not it, I've been done with the withdrawals for a while now but I just feel hopeless. I'm tired of feeling this way and I'm tired of putting on a happy face for my family. and I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

hey running dear, one month although thats a great commplishment is not long enough to be on top of the world yet either. i see you are also posted to bipolar, could an adjustment with you meds be helpful? i'm very sorry honey and i know first hand the feeling of hopelessness....what else are you doing besides "not using"? therapy? meetings?

it is quite hard to move a finger let alone get the body moving in the right direction when feeling badly, but i also know from experience that it is the best thing we can do. so glad you posted hun. just sorry your feeling poorly. so what is the plan moving forward?

wiffyatthehub, I have attended an NA meeting and I see a therapist every week, I think your right however, I may need to adjust my meds

running hun, i see you mentioned “an” na meeting…only one hun? or are you doing a weekly meeting? if na is new to you dear, you may want to give a go like my sponsor tould me…90 meetings in 90 days…that would keep ya busy now would’nt it?

dear running, Kathy from houston gave you a great idea, no that you are sober you may need your body meds adjusted to accomodate your body changes of course i do not know your history at all, but it sounds like that rings a bell with you and so you might want to move in that direction.

you are doing well with meetings and your therapist. i would just wonder have you brought this to your therapist? and what is their opinion? and definetely bring it to your p doc.

all my best to you and i have hope that you will move in the right direction and faith in your recovery process. it takes times and hang in there. you are doing great to be able to express yourself so well and clearly. i will prayer for you. a prayer friend

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