I don't like money. But the church i attend is running out o

I don't like money. But the church i attend is running out of funds to remain open. I work during the night and that is when i can see things clearly. The problem is that I am dreaming. I don't know if it's what I need. It usually is fake. Where as visions are real, and i can see more accurate evidence of things that are more important. I would like to win the lottery. I have set rules to follow. I think if i could predict the 4 events then i will try going for the lottery. I have to focus everything i have on dates, times, numbers, TV, youtube, raining, temperatures, and the feeling i feel inside. My intuition is always right. All i have to do is wait to be alone along with no interceptions.

nice name change. do you wish to use your intuition to help this church?

To be honest, even though I am alone withholding this from the public. It's nice that you and i can talk about this. It helps me, sometimes I feel so responsible for everyone death. I blame myself as if i was an accomplice. I sometimes feel that I am more evil than good because I know. When we chat, you remind me that I am not. I never tell anybody how i feel but thank you for beinging here.

@ControlFreak101 thank you for being here. I enjoy our chats. you seem like a good person. you think of others. you try. you try to help people on this site and share your experience with them. that means a lot