I dont think ed is getting better

hey everyone. my next appointment for my therapist is monday. she said i need to work on my sleep. im doing pretty bad with that considering all my free time to think is being consumed by my ed. i havent purgedin about 2 weeks, but i am not eating. when i see my therapist iwant to tell her my ed is getting worse. but, because i am a normal weight (i feel disgusting at this weight) i dont think shes gonna even take me serious. and i know i deserve help for ed, its just whos gonna take an ed serious if ur --------?? idk i know eds come in all shapes and sizes. i just feel like i almost need to proove i have a ed to everyone else just so i can recieve help. idk, id say theres always tomarrow but ed's gonna take that too. take care loves

I know exactly how you feel froggirl! I too am normal weight and suffering from a relapse of ED. I kept thinking all summer who would believe me? I look normal? But I felt horrible about myself. Yet I recently reached out for help and they never questioned it! I know I was surprised too.

I always think the same thing unfortunately. Like you need to prove that you have an eating disorder because you don't look like you are sick enough. I know how you feel exactly right now. But you got to keep thinking that you don't need to prove anything to anyone- I keep telling myself that. Stay strong! You can get through this.

thinking of you


froggirl..if your therapist truly knows anything about eating disorders, she will understand that it's not about being at a very low weight...it's about much more than that. If she doesn't understand that, I strongly recommend that you seek out someone who specializes in treating eating disorders.
Please don't give up...fight for your freedom!
Take care.....Jan ♥

Hi Frog girl,

I undertand how you feel. I feel like that often. Remember that an eating disorder is more than just a certain weight it's also psychological. You are right EDs do come in all shapes and sizes and therapists especially ones that deal specifically with eating disorders know that and they won't judge you. Also remember that your ED is trying to convince you that you dont have one so that you can stay sicker longer. Dont let your ED control you. You can do this. Keep coming here for support, :)Nicole

thank u everyone for ur support. its one in the morning, butim going to eat, because i have not yet. im going to make it a point to talk about my ed w. my therapist. i know i may b normal sized, but im still suffering. today it has been consuming me with ed thoughts. ohwell. tomarrow? i hope. take care loves

Hi Froggirl,
Good for you to go back to therapy to begin with. You are off to a great start. Also, you ate last night after realizing you hadn’t eaten all day. You are making progress and that is all that matters. You must try to force yourself though to tell your therapist what is really going on. That is the only way you will be able to benefit from it. If they do not help then go somewhere else.
Have a great day and keep up the good work!
Take care of you,

forggirl, it sooo doesnt matter what size you are cause actually EDs mess up your metabolism anyway, so weight loss doesnt always happen as i was a normal weight during my anorexic times for most of thr time. i do not think it fair to not diangnose someone with anorexia if they are not underweight because it is the same as someone who does lose wieght from it. if i a doctor is good, he/she will know that you do not have to be underweight to have anorexia/ bulimia. if she is not good , then please get another one. but please please dont worry about this cuz so many of us with EDs are not underweight and we deserve the same treatment!


thanku maureen. u r right, we all deserve the same treatment. today didnt go well, restricted.

Hey froggirl20,
I know exactly how you feel. I suffer from Binge ED...and I'd only recently heard of it. Sometimes i feel i have to convince myself I am trying to release myself from this terrible ED.

And i have often gone into therapy thinking oh God I haven't done the homework, or I haven't taken the time out...or I haven't...but if you look back and look at how far you've come from once you started.

You are probably discovering where this originated, and because you are more aware of the fact that you are not eating that and realise that is not a good thing...that is improvement. It can take a while...but this is a life change hun, so you be there for yourself.

And also I just want to point out that therapists often do not like to use terms like EDs, bulimia, anerxia, they can see this as labelling when the know that the person is more and it is all about examining the person as a whole to determine the cause.

You are doing great hun.

You keep focussing on you

Love to you
Moongal x