I don't think I can eat anymore. I am not hungry and when I

I don't think I can eat anymore. I am not hungry and when I do eat, I can't get past a bite of food.

You can't get past a bite of food because you mentally are scared to become fat. But that is the thing, if you only eat fruits and vegetables (no additions) and only drink water, you'll never become fat. You see only bad food makes you fat. And you have to eat to survive, so the main point is, take away your worries, you'll never become fat if you eat healthy food. That way you can just live a normal life like everyone else. That in combination with exercise to keep your body in shape, and you're off to live a happy life instead of one of self loathing and contempt.

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@darketernal I’m trying to take away my worries. I just can’t. I don’t like my body much. it is gross and I want it to become less gross. I drink water only, but only do like a bite of veggies and a nibble of fruits…

Think of food like your medicine. You need to take it to get better. Like a car needs fuel to run and function, so do you. Food is your fuel to fight this. Think what means more to you, stages to recovery is eating the food. Over remaining where you are and skipping that bite... Xx

Don't give up the search. It can work wonders. It's difficult for a person to "talk" themselves out of something when there is an inner voice constantly arguing. That's where a therapist can work magic.

@wahlecoyote that’s what my life has been forever. I wish I was just proportional.