I don't think i matter anymore. todays is my birthday.. and

i don't think i matter anymore. today is my birthday.. and no one has wished me a happy birthday. if i really mattered to anyone, no one would have forgotten. I'm really frustrated me and it makes me sad..

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Happy Birthday Blue !!! You do matter !!! Go out and buy something nice for yourself- hugs....

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@beenthruthefire thank you -hugs-

My birthday is Thursday..I do not have a high expectation for it..I decided to make my own happiness. I ordered a nice top on Amazon and I will go out for lunch with myself...and I will be happy because I chose to be that day....you can too!

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@beenthruthefire happy early birthday. thats really nice

Happy birthday!!! You definitely matter, even if the people in your life are bad at acknowledging that. Have a GREAT day :)

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@cocoacocoa11 thank you, i appreciate it

@java thank you, will do