I don't understand

Everything I've read has showed that both women and men can get anorexia but is only that its more common in women than men that makes it awkward for guys to try and get the help they need? With me at least, its shameful to try and explain an eating disorder to my parents or a doctor. I'm just a strong as any jock but just because I'm not as big and burly, I'm seen as weak, frail, and sickly. Why?

Hi Aus,I'm sorry your feeling so awful right now.:( I'm a girl,so i know I can't completely understand,but I just wanted to tell you to hang in there.:) I think I definitely understand how you feel on some level,at least.it's such a stigma,isn't it? It's definitely not fair,and I don't understand people's views either,but in my opinion,they're ignorant.But there's not all that much we can do about that,is there?:( Except,it's so important to remember that this isn't about your character,or anything that makes you strong as an individual. you have to remember that these people don't understand,and you can't let it get to you. this is a sickness,and it does separate us from other people. Sometimes i feel so alone,and even crazy,but I always have to keep coming back to the fact that this is a sickness.It doesn't change who I am,and it doesn't make me any less of a person than anyone else.I know how it feels to have your family think your crazy,or look down on you,but it's because they don't understand.I'm struggling with trying to seek help myself right now,so I know how scary it is.It doesn't make it right,the way that they treat us,but it helps me to just know that it's not me,it's them.there are so many guys out there who are just like you,who feel exactly the same way. You can be an example to them. By recovering,and seeking help,your proving that this stigma is not only wrong,but it's dangerous. I'm sure a lot of guys would get help a lot sooner if there wasn't this stigma attached,and that's terrible. What I you realize is,your so strong. coping with this,going through all this,it's terrifying,and heartbreaking,and we do feel alone most of the time. The fact that your even on this site trying to get help proves that your a very strong person. I hope this helps you feel better. Just remember,your definitely not alone.hang in there,okay? we're all here to get through this together. :)