I don't want to push religion on anyone in this forum, howev

I don't want to push religion on anyone in this forum, however if you are a Christian, or are unsure about your beliefs but would like an inspirational message, I encourage you to check out the message from my church today. The entire message dealt with weathering the storms that we face in life. It is inevitable that each one of us will go through something at some point. The message can be found at www.seacoast.org. Again, if church isn't your thing I apologize. I see alot of posts lately about God and faith so I thought this might be helpful to some. As for me, it was a great message not only for my situation, but just this week my best friend was diagnosed with testicular cancer. We are all fighters!

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@RSSC25 [1215] thank you. What I know is. ..God allows and God loves. He forgives when man won't and brightens the path that once was dark. God uses people even those we would not expect, to get his message out. May Christ will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Not my will but thine be done. Encourage one another.

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Hi, what is your church/religion called? I have a Christian faith but it needs making stronger...

@worriedman1967 honestly, it doesn’t matter which church as long as it’s foundation and teachings is about Jesus Christ. Pray that the Lord guides you where you should be and Nott where man recommends. Learn to communicate daily with Christ, establish regular communication, he will direct your path…trust in him not on your own understanding. I pray for your peace and strength. Remember, all you need is to have faith the size of a mustard seed (Matthew 13:31-32 ) which is very very tiny seed.

Hi, I've looked at the website. Interesting. Is it only where you are, in US? I'm in the UK.

@worriedman1967 hi, why did you choose the name, worriedman?

Hi strengthwithin, I chose it because I feel very worried about my situation. I have anxiety like I've never felt before or thought anyone could feel.... I feel I'm in a deep pit, alone, no way out.

Anyway, why did you chose yours, strengthwithin?

@worriedman1967 Because. My strength lies within. Christ is my redeemer. I realize I was born to eventually die. No guarantee on how or when so I must ask for strength to live pleasingly in God’s sight and forgiveness for those times when I don’t. I shall not worry or live in fear for, fear is not of God and proves I am not trusting n my creature rather, in me…bad move. Lol I make mistakes.

@worriedman1967 I am Christian. The church I attend is technically non-denominational but I would say that it borders on Baptist. I grew up Presbyterian. We have planted churches throughout the US but our senior pastor speaks all over the world.

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