I fee like NOTHING is wokring

Today started off as a great day! I worked out and ate well til the evening started...I dont know I honestly feel hopeless. I was driving home from work, and my mom calls me wondering where I am. I am tired of her constantly checking up on me treating my like I am a child. Once I came home tonight I had a binge/overeat. I believe my family sets off my triggers. I feel like something is wrong with me that I get anxioty being home? I just wish I was normal and that things were different.
I would like to think about an impatient treatment, maybe I need that but I cant leave work for that, or for a long time. I just dont know what to do anymore. I am getting tired of all this frustration and pressure I put on myself to be perfect...

You can't live up to the standards you set in place for yourself quite simply because NO one is perfect. Give yourself a break sweetie. Is sick leave not an option for you at work?

Well growing up I was kind of like the “perfect” child. I am one of three. I believe that is still my mind set, but not just at home now but really everywhere. I just want to please everyone. For work I am not sure how things would work out. But I also feel scared. Im scared of feeling that I am unable to “fix” this myself, and what people would think of me. Looking at me nobody would think that i suffer from and ED, but behind closed doors I feel like a total freak. Im sorry, today was just a little rough for me… But thank you very much!