I feel absolutely devastated. I accidentally came out to my

I feel absolutely devastated. I accidentally came out to my best friend. I have lived my whole life in the closet. I chose that life and it eats at my very existence. But i know my extremely homophobic family will disown me, it will end my 10 year long marriage, and make me homeless again. My friend is Mexican American and was talking abusively about her LGBTQ+ coworkers. I was defending them because i personally felt attacked, but she didn't know why. She told me that "you are a white girl, so why do you think you know anything about being a minority." I blew up and told her "because I'm gay!!" She answered with a "WTF Don't ever talk to me again!"
I may be white but i have always been the minority. Poor, weird, closeted, the list goes on. I just don't understand what just happened.

Oh golly, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Must be so devastating to accidentally come out to your best friends, and then have her revile you. How long ago did this happen? If it was really recent, then maybe she will get back in touch with you again, say she misses you, and offer to talk about it. I really hope she does.
Regarding what just happened, I think that what happened was that you hit a nerve in her. Although you have always suffered from being a minority (poor, weird, closeted, etc.), she sees your white skin and knows that because of that, despite your many "oddities" you still have lots of advantages over her just because you look white, have a non-Spanish last name, etc. Considering what a hard life you have had, that may be hard to believe. Nevertheless it would have been even worse if you had also been Mexican American, which is a prejudice that she has to deal with every day. So I think that's where she was coming from, and she lost her temper over it.
The other piece, I think, is that judging from what she said about her co-workers, she is very prejudiced against LGBTQ+ people. So perhaps when you said that you are gay, she decided she didn't want to have anything to do with you. This is a really tough situation. I'm so sorry it happened. I wish she had been supportive. I wish your family were not homophobic. I wish we lived in a more peaceful world where you wouldn't have to be in the closet your whole life in order to not be homeless.

@L2015 This just happened right before i wrote this. The thing is I don’t think I could continue being friends with her even if she decided i was “worthy enough” to be friends again. I saw a side of her that made me cringe. She knew that due to extreme abuse, ptsd, bipolar disorder, compulsive eater/shopper, previously homeless… i am kind of vulnerable at the moment since i have been working on me and getting the hello i need. She did this to specially hurt me when i was already wounded. I have always been an outsider. Yes i am white but i grew up in a trailer in the woods with regular food insecurity. Because of this I have always made it a point to fight for the less fortunate. The majority of my friends are internationals or LGBTQ. I got in with them the best. I help fellow international students regularly with various aspects of life since our culture is so different. I do everything i can to help people that are different or less fortunate than most. I don’t wear flashy designer clothes i don’t act like i am better than anyone. This conversation actually occurred right after she was bragging about her brand new Michael Kors purse and was showing me and others pictures of her whole collection. And she said “i buy what ever i want”. I told her that i can’t relate. If we go shopping she will spend hundreds and i will spend 50 on a bunch of highly discounted items. I don’t understand how she can say what she said when she acts like that.