I feel alone how does everyone cope?

I feel alone how does everyone cope?

I feel really alone in this too - it's not the sort of thing I want to talk to my friends about. Thats why I came on here, to speak to other people about any problems and feel like there are other people who are in the same boat and understand. We're here for you.

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Its messed up because i ahve a friend that has it she found out after me and she tells me to suck it up. I just want to be happy find love and i feel like i mever will. All i do is drink now idk what to do anymore

I feel alone sometimes too, but the only to cope is to talk about it. My friends have questions just like I do.

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It's ok really the first break out mentally and physically the worst you spend most of your time with no symptoms. I took it hard at first but a lot of us in the group are in love or married. So that should say something. I'm getting married soon and planning a family so really it's not that bad really not much change in life.

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I was with my bd for 6&1/2 uears two kids later he cheats gets it doesnt know cheats again falls in love with this chick and passes it to both of us....ive known for a whe now i just had my 3rd breakout and its not getting any better. Any man that wants to talk to me iush away because i feel like im not worth anything anymore

@undisclosed Honey, YOU ARE PRICELESS! Do not let some cheating fool make you feel otherwise. And don’t let having H force you to settle for anything less than you deserve! You are the same person, it doesn’t change who you are but it does force you to adapt. Be strong.

@undisclosed There's still so much you can do in your life though, yes it's really horrible when you get an outbreak and sometimes I do get really depressed over it, but if you just drink or hide away it won't make anything better and then you're letting it beat you. Dating will be harder and more complicated but that doesn't mean you can't fing love. And there's so much else in life to be happy about.

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I cant see that right now i mena i look at my.kids and see happiness but i want love so bad i am alone i dot have my kids they have me and thats all i have....

I had months of it almost constant, it does get better eventually. You are still the same person you were before. You're definitely not worthless.

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@undisclosed I drink a lot too. That's how I cope with. Drink until I become numb

OK you guys, I have been down all weekend, I have thought about this hard. Here's my conclusion:
1. This is not the only disease out there. It is not fatal as AIDS is, it does not cause infertility like Chlamydia does, and it does not predispose to cancer like HPV does.
2. Chicken pox is pretty much the same, you get the virus, it stays in your system, you may get shingles, and it hurts really bad if you do. Big differences: A) It is not sexually transmitted. So, is sex still a taboo? It should not be.
B) Your chance of giving it to another person are trivial. True. You can only give it to your sexual partner. It will limit your choices, but remember, one out of 6 Americans have it. In African Americans it is one out of 3. So, it's NOT the end of the world. Even if a H negative person you are interested in doesn't want to be with you, you may find an H positive, or an H negative who is OK.
Feel better already?
So hear this one: People die of viral diseases like Ebola. For us, there is pain with outbreaks. It is supposed to get better over time, and the outbreaks are supposed to become less and less. Cheer up!
Last, but not least, your immune system should be strong to fight the virus, reduce the number of outbreaks and their severity. So lets:
a) Sleep adequately
b) Eat healthy
c) Drink less
d) Work-out

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@justpositive that really does make alot of sense… atleast i dont have hiv…or cancer…i just have herpes and it only shows its ugly face once in a while whats a little pimple that hurts like a mofo for a week to someone with a tumor the size of a basketball dying.in a hospital in constant pain?