I feel alone

My life has been hell lately. I lost my job and have no income and I am being threatened with foreclosure. I have no family nearby and the only friend that lives close by who I thought I could trust has lied to me about something that he knows is very important to me. I feel lost and don't know what to do. I am not eating and I have been in bed all day. Can life get any worse? Why do good people who give a lot and care don't get anything in return? I am beginning to think I should become a ***** because being a good person is not paying off. I have nobody to turn to. Nobody who cares about me. I don't know what to do anymore.

Hey Maria,
it's great that you have joined here as you will definitely find people that care about you and your troubles.
i am sorry you lost your job. i just had to give up mine too and im dead scared of what'll happen with my finances as my hubby refuses to work so we've got no income at all.
could you get any unemployment support at least? what do you do? could you manage to look for a new job?

i'm here to listen


Life is not trating me well.... I just wrote a long post and it disappeared because I accidentally clicked on another post... Nothing in my life can go right...

I appreciate your support and I am sorry to hear about you and your husbands difficulties. It is difficult. I lost my job after I had worked there for a little over 2 months. I basically learned 2 positions at once and our office was short staffed and the manager who trained me was out of the office a lot and I was left to try to figure out what my job was. I got crappy pay and even worked overtime to try to learn my job and to get eveyrthing done that they needed out of me. I was unhappy and stressed and one morning I came in extra early (to cover because my manager was at the dentist) and the regional manager was there and cornered me and yelled at me for a couple of hours about what I did wrong the day before. The day before i had been trained for the first time on this matter by my manager and SHE had tarined me wrong but it didn't matter how much I explained that because I got the rage of the regional. It made for a very stressful work environment and I made sure I told this to the people higher in the company and they promised there would be no retaliation. About 3 weeks later I was called in to my manager's office where she and the regional gave me the option to quit or be fired. Because of this I don't know if I will get unemployment. And I had made $300-400 in bonuses that I never received.

I don't know what to do. Life is not kind and I am a good person that didn;t think i deserved this.

I may lose my house and I have no family here to support me and my friends live far away. The one friend that lives close by just broke a promise to me and lied to me about it and it was very important to me so I have lost everything in just a few weeks. What's the point of living anymore? I have no life and the will of livig this life is quickly disappearing.

i can see where you’re coming from, maria, it all comes at once, doesn’t it i’m really sorry about the recent development in your life, it does sound very stressful and devastating.

on a practical level: have you recorded that promise you got from the head office? or is there any such thing as a union you could go to? you have obviously been mistreated and it would certainly stand before court.
as to your friends: i dont have family here in england either and my best friend is back in germany too but despite the distance she has tried to help me the best she could, simply by being there for me on the phone, via email or chat, really anything. have you spoke to your (far away) friends? did you tell them about your sorrows? could you maybe even go visit them, get away from everything especially now that there is no job to go back to?

i know i might be grasping fr straws here but try to think of every option you may have!!


The circumstance of you losing your job doesn't affect your eligability for unemployement...

Maria as Lilac said you can still seek unemployment benefits & as Maedi asked do you have any types of records in reference to the bonus other than heresay to attempt to collect it probably later than sooner, dont quit then you dont have any recourse, if they fire you go file for unemployment dont wait, start ASAP regardless of MAYBE being denied benefits you can fight the company later on that through unemployment department, then go to the next step w/the house call the mortgage company talk w/one thats higher up if you can not just a secretary, depending on how far in the rears you are let them know the situation & that your seeking work & try to offer them anything as that shows good faith, borrow it if you have to from the far away friends. Do you have ANY equity in the home?

You CAN DO THIS, step up now for yourself.

Your not alone, we're right here with you & will do our best to talk it through w/you.

All my strengths.