I feel angry. When I see men from my culture, and theyre jus

I feel angry. When I see men from my culture, and theyre just speaking about houses. I dont know why. I have this rage directed towards them. I have biases about them, because every man I have met from my culture has been an absolute garbage human being :) Almost all. And then I think about men who arent from my culture, and they're Caucasian. And some are fine. But almost all of them have objectified women right in front of me. I feel this kind of helplessness, like theres really no one I can ever be with because I pretty much refuse yo be with a man who makes me feel awful abouy myself. So I have chosen to be alone. I enjoy my company, I do. But I am ANGRY about the things men have colleectively put me through. I feel anger and disgust. I dont want to. but I do.

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Totally understandable. You don't get treated as a human when you're a woman, you get treated as a sex machine.

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@KidDJ Thank you just for validating. Yea sex machine, or a point of comparison to contrast and compare who is “better”, I think I was responding to memories of my exs making me feel like theyd rather be elsewhere. It sucks to be objectified or made to feel ugly, but I think it stings more when it comes from someone you really thought saw you as someone special. Then you realize it was just idk what it was but it wasnt love.

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