I feel good because I'm making progress and now my bf knows

I feel good because I'm making progress and now my bf knows a little bit more about me/bpd. I need to send him some information but I'm scared because it's so embarrassing and shameful for me. I hate feeling this way, because I have opened up so much but now I am just scared. How can I work up the courage to send him some information? I try to say it and I just end up crying. (I hate emotions...)

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Is the information from your program that you started? What kind of info is it? *hugs*

@kisobel @kisobel I found an interesting “letter to our loved ones” from someone with bpd online that I thought really fit the best description.

I haven’t started a program, aside from the small information I’ve learned doing dbt research. I want to start something officially, in person. Finances are my only struggle right now. I have no guidance on finding metal help. Soon I want to open the discussion to my mom and family as a call for help…

I know it's easier said than done because I feel the same way but don't be embarrassed or ashamed, hun. We didn't ask for this and we are seeking help. That should be applauded if anything. If he knows you have BPD and is still with you then he deserves to know more about it. I know it's scary but bite the bullet and send him the info. Or, if it helps, ask him if he'd mind if you sent it to him. He might surprise you and be eager to learn more. And good for you for opening up like you have...you are seeing progress and that's not easy! {Hugs}

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