I feel good

I feel good

Hi shushshush, If you don't want to go back to that doctor then go to a new one. It is always good to get a second opinion. I do suggest seeing a doctor for help. Keep us posted on how you are doing. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

A new doctor may be capable of giving you new insight, perspective, that will be helpful to you & others that suffer from this very uplifting at times but mostly down disorder. From some of my understanding one gets a high from it like speed. I now understand why my husband of 19yrs. can keep going for days,months & years & the rest of us needed a break & chill out. Keep talking,sharing,venting, it help the rest of us to learn.

Take care of you


Get a new psychiatrist for sure if you can't stand him. You may feel amazing right now, but it's going to lead to a very low in the near future. You won't be having fun then. Get back on your medications, make yourself and take them every day. You must become stable to enjoy life on an even keel. I sure hope you get back on them. Stay strong. Hugs

PS The way you feel even though its great you think etc is the reason why you were diagnosed in the first place. I am not a Dr. but had a close friend of mine who has Bipolar and what you said is exactly the same thing she would always tell me. You need to just take your meds even though you don't want to, you need them and really just DO IT!!
DOn't think about it or you'll end up coming up with all the reasons not to. Take the meds and then talk about what you don't like about them to your Dr. most about giving someone meds is finding the right balance dose, mixture of medication that works best for each individual so it might take awhile until you find the right type of chemistry in your meds that make you feel better on them then those ones that make you feel all those undesirable side effects.
Also yes the others are right if you don't like your doctor go to another one. Just like getting the right mix with your medication it may take a few different dr.'s before you find the one that you feel comfortable with that does his or her job properly. So finding the right chemistry with you meds and between you and the right Dr. may take awhile but if you do what your suppose to then it'll be sooner than later.
PS even on meds you can still be fun and reckless just smarter about it and also its the way you mind works and thinks about things. You just have to retrain your mind while on meds to well be fun and adventurous. Good luck!!

I noticed your post was 6/27 and by now your world may have come crashing down. I was like you and went off my meds. I had an alternative medicine doctor telling me I wasn't bipolar and of course I wanted to believe. When I crashed I ended up with a full blown anxiety disorder that I had to deal with. It was a whole year before I was really balanced even after I started taking my meds again. I will never do that again. Before I was diagnosed a psychiatrist thought I was depressed and had anxiey issues and put me on the wrong meds and I went out and got $35,000.00 in debt! That was hard to pay off. I understand fun and I sure didn't want to go to a doctor that was going to give me something to stop all of the "fun" I was having but one way or another the "fun" was going to end whether I crashed and burned or got my brain in balance again. Now I have a relaxed fun and others can appreciate how calm and happy I am. You may have to go through more roller coaster rides before you decide you want a more balanced life so I hope you stay safe.

i was diagnosed with bipolar over 10yrs ago. i couldn't accept it at all. over the years i began to use alcohol, and other drugs. ibecame another person. i was doing all kinds of reckless things that were not cool. i was like you; didn't want to go back to my doctor. but i had to because after the manic leaves, then comes the crash. just find another doctor that ure comfortable with before it get worse.

I was diagnosed 6 months ago too--we're new to this together! I know whatcha mean about how being reckless and crazy feels fun. I love the mania because it makes me feel more exciting, creative, and powerful. Part of recognizing you're Bi-Polar though is knowing you're not going to stay at that high forever. Eventually you're going to get depressed, and being off meds (if you are used to being on them) might be scary at that point.

I know what you mean about the creepy doctor too. My old doctor was seriously in his 90's and I had to yell half the time (confidentiality whhhhaaaaaattttt?) and then he would pat me on the back at the end of the session and say I was a "good girl." Ick. Call your insurance company if you have insurance and get a list of covered docs in your area. Maybe you'll like one of the other doctors. Unless you have the support lined up and ready to go, it might be a good idea to get back on your meds (even if its not as fun). Good luck! :-)

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