I feel horrible ! I ruined my daughters concert of jojo si

I feel horrible !
I ruined my daughters concert of jojo siwa( end of the concert ) due to i out her on my shoulders my bow got stuck and I couldn’t lift her over it so I kneeled down helped her off she fell a little of my shoulders but not bad when your kneeling so they can get down , my husband said don’t do that she fell some guy came asked him if she was ok . I walked off the lounge area I called my mom expresses my feelings and the guards didn’t like it they made me leave the lounge but I ended up in handcuffs and being escorted out ( long story short ) , I feel horrible . I ruined a **** jojo siwa concert . My kids first concert of her own .. like I’m suppose to be a good role model at a kids convcwrt and I ended up in handcuffs arguing with the guards ..

Well, I have no idea why you ended up handcuffed from what you wrote, but I would say to honestly apologize and own up to whatever you did and how in the future you will aim to do better.


I’m the lounge I was talking mess to the guards lol , and I dropped my phone went to grab it they felt threatened I said I was grabbing my phone ect and they threw me on the wall and handcuffed me , …

I did apologize to her I cried I was so sad yesterday in guilt and pain . She says she had fun no matter what lol . I look forward to cole swindell next and Morgan wallen at peace though . How embarrassing of a grown mom acting like a 15y/o is what I’m ashamed of

I'm sorry to hear what you've been through, friend. From your message, I can tell that you were trying to help your daughter and things went out of your control. We all make mistakes learn from it. Remember, nobody is perfect -- we all fall short. Please don't be hard on yourself. Give yourself grace and enjoy the next. Stay strong, mommy. Sending hugs & prayers your way.

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Yes I learned that’s not ok .
At least I got half of the show and photos and her world tour shirt she’s happy .