I feel I am being bullied at workwhat can I do

Firstly if you feel you are being bullied, you are welcome to come here and share your story.

You can also take the following the procedures in the workplace to help your situation.

· Let your union or staff representative know of the problem.
· Try to talk to colleagues to find out if anyone else is suffering, or if anyone has witnessed
what has happened to you - avoid being alone with the bully.
· If you are reluctant to make a complaint, go to see someone with whom you feel comfortable
to discuss the problem. This may be your manager, or someone in personnel (particularly if
there is someone who specifically deals with equality issues), your trade union representative,
or your Employee Assistance Service.
· KEEP A DIARY OF ALL INCIDENTS - records of dates, times, any witnesses, your feelings, etc. Keep
copies of anything that is relevant, for instance annual reports, letters, memos, notes of any
meetings that relate to your ability to do your job. Bullying and harassment often reveal
themselves through patterns of behaviour and frequency of incidents. Keep records and
inform your employer of any medical help you seek.
· Tell the person to stop whatever it is they are doing that is causing youdistress, otherwise
they may be unaware of the effect of their actions. If you find it difficult to tell the person
yourself, you may wish to get someone else - a colleague, or a trade union official - to act on
your behalf.
· If you cannot confront the bully, consider writing a memo to them to make it clear what it is
you object to in their behaviour. Keep copies of this and any reply.
· Be firm, not aggressive. Be positive and calm. Stick to the facts. Describe what happened.
· If you do decide to make a formal complaint, follow your employer's procedures, which should
give you information about whom to complain to and how your complaint will be dealt with.

Writing the complaint will seem a daunting task, especially if you are afraid of confrontation, or
suffering from depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. Keep the following in
mind when drafting your complaint
- keep it factual; do not try to guess the bully's motives or ascribe intentto any actions
(that is up to the investigators);
- don't use insulting language
- don't generalise
- don't use absolutes (e.g. "he always" or "he never") because one exception breaks
the rule; use rarely or often instead
- include as much as you can about your feelings (e.g. "I felt excluded /rejected" is
more effective than "he excluded / rejected me").
- Ask someone you trust (a colleague, union rep, solicitor, friend,doctor, therapist) to
read your complaint - you are far too involved a) to read it with calm detachment; b)
be sure that it is complete and understandable by someone outside the workplace
situation; c) not too specific about trivialities.

Extract http://www.vhi.ie/pdf/employers/dep/BullyingWorkplace.pdf

If you are being bullied do not suffer alone...talk to us.

Love to you
Moongal x

Reading through this and your last post, I now know and realize that I was indeed bullied in the workplace several times and never did anything about it, because it was from my superior. I didn't ever think to associate it with bullying and now I know that it was. Thank you so much for bringing this to light. I highly recommend that anyone going through this, bring it to the attention of a superior or human resources representative. And, please share here as well.

Exactly, healthy working relations is the way to go with any business, they thrive better and it is a nicer place to be.
Unfortunately that does not always happen because some people are bullies in life.

Basically if you are showing signs of not wanting to go to work or being uncomfortable around someone at work...I would question why do I feel like this?

It is not right for anyone to take advantage of anyone else just because they are at a lower level to them.

Hope you are doing better now hun.

Love to you
Moongal x

I totally agree Moongal. No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their workplace. Now being self-employed, I am very aware of how I treat others from my own past experiences. I try to make sure that everyone is always happy and feeling fulfilled. I don't ever want anyone to go through what I went through.

Good info! But if that doesn't work, call me. I've always wanted to kick a bully's @$$!