I feel like crap, I ended up sleeping all day,(Sleeping thro

I feel like crap, I ended up sleeping all day,(Sleeping through my alarm too) missing two of my appointments. This is exactly why I am not a functioning adult, I really am surprised I am still alive at this point. I am really angry with myself for screwing up this badly. At the same point I know that this all has to do with how bad my depression is because what kind of person can sleep for 20 hours straight?

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I was sleeping up to 17 hours a day before I changed meds.

I can sleep for long periods -- and then I am anxious and awake for long periods. But I'm tired now -- and not even 10pm so I think tonight might actually be kinda normal. Who knows. I lay down and then I'm wide awake despite the fact that I keep to a strict bedtime routine and keep the bedroom cool and quiet. It's just my busy mind. That f$%@er.

it's good that you recognize it's not normal. obviously it's not good to sleep through appointments, but maybe finding extra motivation- like bribe yourself to wake up with a latte or a treat. talk to a doctor or therapist to find some medication and to help understand why you feel exhaustion. i know i used to sleep all the time because being awake was so miserable...