I feel like crying out of nowhere. I'm not crying tho. Keepi

I feel like crying out of nowhere. I'm not crying tho. Keeping it in. I have music playing, i'm looking at vid games, I just finished lunch, all my animals are taking a nap around me.. but I just.. feel down. Idk. I wish this would stop.. Came out of nowhere.

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What type of vid games? You sound like you are surrounded by positivity lol

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@JR11223, i’m looking at this game called I am Bread lol… a good friend got it for me. So I might try it and distract myself. Yeah, i’m in a temple of peace it looks… I have 4 pets around me atm lol. But ugh, idk can’t shake this feeling off.

We all get that way. You know depression can go as easily as it comes. Open a window, take a breath. Clear your head. We are here for you too.

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@jim111, that’s not a bad idea. I will grab some air in the yard for a moment. Haven’t left all day.

I know exactly how you feel. I feel down too but want to cry though I'm not crying. I'm holding the pain inside. I too wish this feeling would disappear. I'm sorry your going through this. Hugs

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@Jdyankee, thank you x I hope you feel better soon too.

ugh.. played.. laughed.. turned it off.. back to hating my life. freaking hate this crap. so angry and sad at the same time.

And you have no clue at all about what is triggering you to feel like this?

The only thing I can think of is.. I was suppose to go out today to shop. I didn't. That's it. My moods have been worse the past few weeks so.. maybe i'm just more sensitive then usual to anything going wrong. Idk. Sighs.. sorry i'm being a pain.

@BansheeGal lol you aren’t being a pain I understand when all things are going wrong and that one last thing just hits harder than it should. You have a right to be upset. Just try not to dwell on it yaknow.

You're not being a pain. We all go through depressions, and know what it's like. Great that you reached out. Is advice obnoxious? (I'm new to this site). My advice -- you're doing great to cheer up with video, animals, etc. And please don't keep the tears bottled in. Letting them out helps relieve depression!

@L2015, Welcome to the site. Advice is nice to most people. Even if they don’t take it, you should give it anyways lol. Just my personal opinion. Don’t burn yourself out on those who don’t budge. So yeah, there’s my advice to you :slight_smile: I hate crying… but maybe I will later… Idk.