I feel like giving up

im sitting in the psycward school, feeling sick and down, i just want 2 cry and throw up, i dont know what 2 do any more, does any 1 have any good idea 4 a distraction?>??????????

are there any crafts you like to do? I find quilting or coloring in things helps to distract me. Also going for walks and dancing.

im fed up with arts, and they dont let me walk around here, they dont want me 2 lose more waight!

keep writing here, for once.

what do you have available around you? can you do anything else online? i for example love doing hard sudokus to keep my mind busy. could you listen to music or watch a movie?
anybody around you can spend time with?


You are not useless....I'm sorry that you see yourself that way. May I ask...why are you in a psych ward? Are you unsafe? Based on the comment you made about their efforts to help you lose weight, they are misinformed. No matter what type of ED you may struggle with, dieting is NOT an answer! Any professional who has education knows that.
Please keep sharing, and know that you are supported!

Jan ♥

i would listen to music if you can or start counting i know it sounds odd but count numbers, tiles, colors, smells, anything to keep your mind off it.
another thing i do is go within myself and start to hear my heart, feel my feet, feel my fingers. next i look at nature or the environment around me. is there anything you can concentrate on to keep you grounded and keep you safe? good luck and we support you

thanks guys,
so im in the psycward 4 bulimia, i took your guys advice and it really helped!!!!!!!!
this is an awesome site!!!!!!!!!!

you should be so proud of yourself. not only did you reach out but you tried all you could too and you succeeded!! YEAH!
so glad you got through, maybe now it's time to change your username :-)


try music if you can. if you enjoy drawing draw, or write, or read or go for a walk. whatever you like to do try and do it. anything that gives you any feeling of joy. i know its hard because i am struggling now but try.

It is good that they are letting you have interet access. I know it may seem hard right now but try to come up with a more possitive user name that says something good about you.

thanx, they let us have internet accses 4 youtube, not this!!!!!!!!