I feel like half of my class won't accept me. I don't know i

I feel like half of my class won't accept me. I don't know if that's the truth, or maybe I'm just overexaggerating (not sure if it's the right word, I'm not a native English speaker) things like I usually do. I drew a gift for them, so I could do something good for them and gain their approval, then I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. I'm not sure if posting on this site would be ok because of their safety.

Why do you feel some of your classmates are not accepting you? Is this for all your classes or just certain ones. From your posts I think you have mastered the English language. What is your native language?

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@starship I don’t know. Maybe I feel they don’t accept me, while in reality they do, because of my low self-esteem. I think there might be certain ones, some do respect me. Lithuanian is my native language.

You don't need to gain anyone's approval, we already approve of you make that enough. If you can make someone else uncomfortable, know that its their problem. Be comfortable in who you are, period.

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@DearPeace Well, I don’t want to make someone feel insecure around me. Whether it’s something that I’ve done, or it’s just their attitude, I don’t know.

@kiddj Yes having little or no self confidence in yourself is difficult. You may feel everyone is staring at you, rest assured they are not. Just be yourself , hold your head up! Be who you are.

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@starship I know that, but those feelings are so overwhelming, I’ll admit. I had been bullied during my middle school years. There are people who still recognize me in high school, but I wonder about their thoughts about me. I’m probably a people-pleaser.

High school doesn't define you in any way. Being popular in high school doesn't mean you Will be happy as an adult. My classmates never accepted me, because I'm just different,but I have a wonderful boyfriend and supportive parents And I honestly couldn't care less what my classmates think of me. I just want you to know that many people who were bullied or hated at school Will be happy And successful in the future

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@Ramone My former classmates never accepted me for being different, I’m very pssed at their idiotic logic. What was their fcking excuse? And just because I’m not like them, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have acted like a**holes. Like what the actual fck? I’ll be as fcking successful as I can be. Thanks for being really so supportive, by the way. You have my respects.