I feel like he looks at every girl that has the fakest body

I feel like he looks at every girl that has the fakest body when walking by. He swears he's not and says I'm crazy, but I'm really not. I legit stare at him while his eyes wander.

For how long have you dated him?

@105 10 about to be 11 years.

So I’m not an expert, and I can not see what is really happening. I think when a guy starts to look around, there could be an issue. From experience, and I am a man.
Talk to a professional if possible. They may ask you ( and I am not asking) how is your sex life, do you set aside special times do do things, maybe date night every Wednesday or whatever. And have intimate evenings.
Spark his interest in you again.?
I am not a pro. Just my thoughts. Best of luck. Relationships are hard. Usually worth the work. Not always.

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I agree there is a problem. The best way to resolve the problem is the question.
In my opinion that is.

I think alot of us can relate
Todays world is very competitive and we are all influenced whether we like it or not by the lovely beauty standards. I almost feel that we are so drawn into it we immediatly start scanning other women like a robots for reasons why they are better or for reasons why they arent better than us. I cant even go out to dinner with out feeling the tension rise between other women (and thats not just on my part) I try to keep in check. However, when im with my husband and there are clear indicators another women is being competitve, catty, a flirt or he wont stop checking them out it gets to me and eventaully i come across like the catty one and i hate it. It drives me nuts. I know its natural to look but I swear its a game to them.
Women get indocterned by beauty standards, we become competitive and insecure, we fight for attention or approval from men (whether it be our man or strangers *always have to be the best*) and are constantly against each other. Meanwhile a lot of men sit back and enjoy their ego getting fed while getting away with what they want bc we are so distracted. Of course im married to a narcissist but he use to stare alot and deny it too.

That or you have a good man but he doesnt realise that he is feeding to a cycle that breeds hate and insecurity. Then talking to him shld do the trick.. he should at least put the effort in not to look even if it takes alot of reminding.

But in the end you need to rely on you to feel confident no matter what. Its hard but i think its something alot of us need to work on and could have big impact on our daily lives.

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@Aintthatkind very well said.