I feel like I'm having a mental withdraw from not getting on

I feel like I'm having a mental withdraw from not getting on social media. Which for me personally social media was a good thing overall bc it helped a lot with my loneliness and boredom but the toxic people ruined it for me too easily. I'm trying to persevere though my problems but it continues to be difficult. I have to say the people on this site have contributed a lot to me getting on the right path to help. So I'm really thankful for everyone's constant support. I know I've told some people in pm not sure if I made a post about it but I've recently connected the dots on me having bipolar disorder. Idk what to say other than it's another thing to worry and aggravate me.

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Hi. Welcome to the site.glad you are getting help here we are always here for you

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How are you

@hernameislauren Mentally/emotionally I’m up and down a lot. I’ve been feeling better than worse these past couple of days.

Well that's great news. Nice to be going through an up rather than a down, makes one feel better

@hernameislauren It just feels so temporary and doomed to end which makes it feel not worth it trying when i know most weeks I’m going to go through a rough patch that can’t be made easier. The constant struggle isn’t worth it when the grass hasn’t been greener.

What makes it so bad, if you feel like talking? How long have you been struggling with your problems?
Have you got a counsellor?

@hernameislauren The uncontrollable anxiety and sadness but even if I don’t count them there’s very little good/upside to my life if any at all. I’ve had autism, depression, anxiety, OCD my whole life along with some additions over the years such as bipolar and IBS (which is taken care of with dieting). It feels like i can’t catch a break. Like for ever step forward I take ten back. It’s exhausting. I’ve been going to doctor’s appointments and taking meds for the last 7 months or so. Along with having been to a therapist at least 6 times since I started. Just nothing seems to be helping. I’ve lost all my hope a long time ago but I figured getting to the point of obtaining help would be worth it and maybe I could be happy finally instead of being sad all the time. Surprise surprise it hasn’t been and my therapist and doctor have made some discouraging statements at times. My therapist pretty much made it seem like i was trying hard enough. I’ve been trying so hard my whole life. In her mind she thinks i can pay to have sessions more often but I can’t bc I don’t have a job currently.

I feel like try not to worry and focus on living and being in moment. I have found happiness in that mindset. Nobody knows future And we can’t change past... hope you continue to grow and find better way of living in this confusing and crazy world

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