I feel like I'm trying really hard but I'm going to let everyone down

My family has spent way too much money on me for me to become a lawyer, but I’m trying as hard as I can and I don’t know if I’m going to get into law school. I already went through college for criminal justice but no matter how hard I tried my grades wouldnt be good enough. I don’t know if I’m getting accepted into my school and if I don’t I feel like I’m officially a failure. I wasted all my parents money, and I know how hard they tried to make me a good person. I’m going to let everyone down, and then I’ll be alone forever.

Michael, you have obviously tried really, really hard, but trying to get into law school because you are passionate about law is one thing, if you are just going to have to take the LSAT again and again and you only do it for your family, that is jut going to be a horrible experience. So what are some alternatives? A degree in criminal justice opens up a wide range of career paths beyond law school. Here are some options you might consider:

  1. Law Enforcement: Many with a criminal justice degree pursue careers in law enforcement, which includes working as a police officer, sheriff, state trooper, or federal agent.
  2. Corrections: Jobs in corrections include positions as correctional officers, probation officers, or parole officers. .
  3. Forensics: If you have an interest in the scientific aspects of criminal justice, positions in forensic science might appeal to you.
  4. Homeland Security: A criminal justice degree can lead to various roles within the Department of Homeland Security, such as working in customs, border protection, or as a transportation security officer.
  5. Legal Support Services: You can work in roles that support the legal system but don’t require a law degree, such as a legal assistant, paralegal, or court reporter.
  6. Social Services: Many criminal justice graduates work in social services, helping to rehabilitate offenders and assist victims of crime.
  7. Private Security: The private sector offers opportunities in corporate security, loss prevention, and private investigation. These roles focus on protecting assets, personnel, and information.
  8. Policy and Advocacy: With a strong understanding of the criminal justice system, you could work in policy development or advocacy, helping to shape laws and policies related to criminal justice, public safety, and civil rights.
  9. Education and Training: Teaching criminal justice at the high school, community college, or university level is another pathway. Additionally, training roles within law enforcement agencies or private security firms are options.

Exploring internships and volunteer opportunities in these areas can provide practical experience and help determine which path suits you best.

Let us know your thoughts, SG

Think positive thoughts and tell yourself that you can do this. We will all be here to support and cheer you on!!! Hugs

They spent the money because they could afford to do it for you. Maybe law is not for you, i tried reading things and its very difficult, i dont think i could ever become a lawyer. Maybe you just found something you are not good at and its ok, the next step is the most annoying one, finding something else to do, its ok to change and people do it all the time, we dont have to spend our lifes doing something we dont want or are not good at. I cant speak for your parents but you’re not a failure, you just failed at something you wanted and i understand your frustration, you wont be alone forever just because you are not a lawyer