I feel like I've taken a few steps forward since being diagn

I feel like I've taken a few steps forward since being diagnosed but now that my boyfriend doesn't want to be with me anymore it's like I've fallen ten steps back...I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I have no control over my life. And I guess I should start saying ex boyfriend now but that kind of kills me

Life if very random, to everyone. Doesn't matter who you are. Don't take is personal. Nothing lasts forever and happiness is one of the nothings. In the end we die alone. Gotta just do the best with the hand your delt. Unfortunately its never the hand we want. Sometimes it is and we win big but then again every decision we make is another gamble. Something as simple as deciding to walk to the store instead of drive can make a huge impact. Just enjoy the pain and feel it because you're alive , its what makes you human. Laugh cry and keep moving. You got this. This too shall pass.

Heartbreak sucks. Just dont get into the whole no one will want me thinking. Remember it wasnt h he left you.

@sweetleafbri @lisajd thanks guys, I'm sorry to keep complaining about it. I'm just in a really sh*tty place right now

Its ok. I complain loads off line to friends. Try and distract yourself

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