I feel like my anxiety won't cease

So, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and it has been making me really anxious. I get the strong stomach sensation every time I think of something stressful or anxiety driven. I am trying to not take any meds for anxiety as I am already on 2 pretty expensive medications and don't feel as though I can afford another. I just need to know how to keep the anxiety under control. I do deep breathing and journaling, but it doesn't seem to be working so far.

I do not know much about bipolar disorder but I sure do know how anxiety feels. I am also trying not to take meds for it either but sometimes it is so hard. I do breathing also and sometimes it helps. Also if you move a muscle you will change a thought and that helps. It sure is not fun having all the feelings that go along with anxiety. I pray one day we will find an answer.

I take Klonopin (Colozapam) for anxiety and helps a lot. It can be habit forming but it works for me. I think 60 pills cost me around 15.00. It's pretty cheap and it works as needed.

Akita777 Thank you for your info. Yes,klonopin has helped me also but I try not to take it. There are times when I do and it sure does make a difference.

I have ativan for anxiety which I can take as needed. I try to avoid it, if possible. I also take buspirone daily. This is a fairly benign drug which some think doesn't do much. I think it did help to get the spiraling thoughts a bit under control. Some of those double duty (anti depressant/anti anxiety) meds didn't work for me and I don't think they will use them with Bi Polar so maybe the buspirone is worth a try. Good luck.

I also try not to take meds. I have PMDD and Anxiety. I take zoloft daily and I take klonopin as needed. Usually I just need a 1/2 and I feel normal. Typically I just try other measures to keep it at bay, deep breathing, yoga, walking, relaxin music, writing. The biggest thing that has helped me is therapy. I made a mistake over this last year and I quit going, but recently got back in. It does more for me than any medicine. It's such a battle. Keep a schedule, eat healthy. Best advice I can give :)