I feel like self injury right now

I feel like self I jury right now cuz my mom is really crabby and she gets into these passive aggressive moods and she is out in the kitchen putting groceries away and just slamming them in the pantry and the cupboard while putting them away and it really upsets me cuz she takes it out on other people and always ends up yelling at me. I just feel like I can't to anything right I ask what's wrong so we can talk about it and she says nothing really crabby tone and I ask to help she still yells at me I go in my room and let her have her space and sometimes she still knocks on my door and yells at me for something and it's different things she yells at me, I am so upset right now I can't even think of an example right now. This is not how I wanted to spend christmas eve day. I am sitting in my bed so close to sock or bite, but I saw my iPad and I grabbed it and thought I would post of how I am feeling.

For those of you that don't know what sock means, it means, well it stand of typing what it means I will ask a question and you should know what it mean, what do you do with scissors? It's a code word I use that my counselor came up with cuz saying/reading/typing is a trigger for me.


I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. :( Stay on here and just talk to people if you have to, anything to keep away from self injury! And just try and stay away from your mom until she calms down a bit. Could you possibly talk to her about it once she has cooled down? hang in there sweetie. <3

Aspire thank so much for your post, you helped me so much. I thought that no one would really be on the site right now cuz of what day it is but I decided to post anyways. I hesitate to say this cuz I don't want to sound blameful and if I do i really am sorry thats not how I mean it at all but this is really truly how I feel, and this is from the heart. If no one would of posted with in 10 min of my post I feel like I would of self injured. It's just sometimes for me to have someone in the moment there to listen and understand my urges is what makes me strong to not self injure, I need people around me to help me stay strong right now, I am not strong enough myself to fight the urges, I just need people around to help me does that make sense? So that's why I say if no one were to post, I would of self injured cuz I am just not strong enough myself to fight the urges in the moment where I feel like self injuring, I just need someone at that very moment. Other then people on here I don't have anybody to help me. Thanks again so much!


hi princess

its all a pain in the butt, the pressure of this time of year is huge, and im so glad u decided to post and chat rather than do something else, u are strong hon and u will get thru it, sometimes its hard for adults to remember the fun things or the scarey things when they have so much to do, like aspire i suggest u chat to mum when things are calm but meanwhile keep using your therapy stratergies and chat to everyone here

u take care of u

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Thanks you Domestic and Aspire you have helped me a lot and thanks for being there for me. I agree the pressure of this time is huge and sometimes it is hard to remember the fun times. I do feel better so thanks again!

Luvz and Hugz

I'm glad you are ok! Keep pushing through, we will all get through this. <3


glad u are feeling better hon, keep smiling its never as bad as u think

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

awh, princess, im sorry that you were having such a difficult time, i wish i would have been there. but reading through your other post i think you overcome the urge to sock and i am so **** proud of you, not only for getting through but for realizing how to do so, by reaching out and asking for support!
this is exactly what we're here for, to get each other through tough times, to maybe understand better what we're feeling or experiencing ourselves and maybe sometimes just to make each other feel we're not alone with this!

you all are just amazing and i hope you all realize how much good you do everyday!!

princess, keep posting and mailing as much as you need, always here to listen :-)

lots of love

Maedi, you are right this is the reason of why I wanted to 'sock' and then was trying hard not to sock and had the panic attack. It makes me feel so good to know you are very proud of me. You are right and I agree with you we are all here to help each other get through tough times. I am so glad to have you and everybody else helping me through the tough times. I am feeling much better!

Princess i'm glad you came here to vent, socking will only make the pain go away temporarily but the scars will linger forever. not just the physical but the emotional as well. i had a lot of troubles with my mom when I lived with her, she did the exact same things to me, even my own room provided no refuge. I know it's hard not to sock believe me but you did the right thing, you really did and I congradulate you on being so strong. We can see this through and i'm glad you seem to be feeling a little bit of relief now anyhow. I'm going to keep checking on you to see how you are doing. Contact me anytime hun I'm always around to listen, this is my home away from home and you'll find so many wonderful people on here that will be more than happy to see you out of your slumps and hard times, myself included.

much love to you

Soulkiss this post actually goes with my panic attack post. So your mom did like the same thing to you.? Thanks for caring and being there. I am doing better about this. There are many wonderful people on here you included and willing to help me through the hard times. I did stay strong but couldn't do it with out you, and it's nice to know that you know how hard it is to be strong the moment of time.

how are you doing today hun?


Maedi I am doing good thanks for asking

Yes sweetie my mother did it to me as well. It was very self damaging to me. I statred cutting and she didn't even care anymore. It's very hard to stay strong in the moment, but remember we are all listening and i may only be another simple person on here that tells you you are cared for, but you truly are. when you feel in need come here and the right people will guide you through. I know i need it sometimes too.

love and light to you sweetie

Soulkiss thanks for sharing and telling me that your mom have done the same thing to you, having you that can relate and all of my supporter on here has really helped so thanks!