I feel like shit. Im going from crying, having anxiety to bI feel like shit. Im going from crying, having anxiety to

I feel like ****. Im going from crying, having anxiety to being cool with it. But then I remember that I can always infect someone. I had the worst luck for real. Had sex FOR THE FIRST TIME, got this ****, and now Im stuck. Wtf am I gonna do. I've had sex once:) I hate this

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Its a shock to everyone at first but just know its going to be ok. Take the time to learn about it and that way you will see what you need to do to manage your symptoms and also realise that you can still have a normal life.

I've been reading alot these past 2 days, and I saw that it can still infect if you wear a condom?
This is not fair haha. Can't believe this happend to me, I haven't had the chance to explore sex yet. ****

Yes it can. Did you use a condom
You can still have sex and there are some guys out there who are fine with it so don't stress too much about not being able to explore sex still.

No I didn't use a condom, it didn't even cross my mind. It was my first time so I was caught up in the moment and he didn't even mention it so I didn't think much of it.

I was at the doctors, he took a look but didn't take any tests. He said that if i got more blisters or what you call them, then it was herpes. But I want to know fo sure, so they should take tests right?

Yes they need to get their blood test done

I'm gonna go back tomorrow I think, so they can test me.

They can take swab test from the sores which is more accurate than a blood test so I suggest you aSk for that