I feel lile I should just end it now. Scared that I am pregn

I feel lile I should just end it now. Scared that I am pregnant and don't know how I will make it being a single parent.

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Please don't end your life. I know that I may only be a random stranger on the internet, but I'm begging you, please don't. There are lots of options if you are scared to be a single parent. You could go the adoption route for example. You can get through this. Know that people love you, and you are irreplaceable and extremely valuable to this world. You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Please, stay.

I completely understand the feelings of hopelessness. I've been there myself. I think this is probably just initial panic at the thought you may be pregnant and it can be a scary thing. Absolutely! I never had the chance to have children. It is one of my biggest regrets. I'm now 46 and that ship has sailed. This could be an amazing blessing in disguise. Before you panic though have you taken a pregnancy test?

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I am not able to yet. Just feeling really weird and not like myself.

I don't even think I could give it up for adoption. But then again I don't know how I would financially care for it.

That's okay. Sometimes just the fear of pregnancy causes different stress responses in your body. It may not be pregnancy at all. It could just be a reaction to stress. Please hang in there until you know for sure and there will be tons of people on here including myself to support you when you need us. Does this help at all? You are never alone in this world. I know that feeling of fear of the unknown and it can be a really scary monster to face. You will not have to face this monster by yourself my friend.

I am sorry I am wasting everyones time.

@amberk94 - Amber, you are not wasting anyone’s time, we totally get, we have been right where you are. You have options, you have power, you do have control over this, keep reaching out, I’m so glad you did. You’re already weighing your options, like adoption, and that is a viable reasonable reaction. :smiley: Keep thinking it through, KEEP TALKING, and don’t stop reaching out on here.

You are not wasting anyones time. We are all on here for one reason or another. Hopefully to find that we are not by ourselves in our struggles. Sometimes you just need to get it all out. Not everyone has someone they can talk to about certain things. And hopefully we can find some reassurance or feelings of love or empathy from others.

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