I feel lost and ultimately sad. I found out my husband of 2I feel lost and ultimately sad. I found out my husband of

I feel lost and ultimately sad. I found out my husband of 25 years is a heroin addict. He has destroyed our family, our children, and basically left me to deal with all of this alone as he sits in a recovery center. I really just want to quit loving him, but that is the hardest thing for me. How do I keep on living my life knowing that a great majority of it was all a lie?

I know it's hard but try to forgive him. He may have wanted to protect you from his demons. Addicts don't do it on purpose.

I know it will probably be better when I am able to speak with him. I will continue to try and educate myself about addictions. I understand remaining addicted but what I have a difficult time grasping is how a 48 year old man could jump to needles without a second thought.... it is that first time when I felt he had to power to make the decision that has me so upset. I think I can forgive him but the mess he left behind is very difficult to forget since I am the one having to deal with it.

just hold on show him you love him support him for ur family trust me u love them even when there down

The only hope of him getting better is knowing he hasnt ruined it. Its ok to hate his decisions, to hate his choices, he probably hates them to, just know that it wasnt ALL a lie, the lie was that he was ok, and like Dana15 said, we addicts hate our demons so much we fear if others see them, theyll hate us to. Love and good vibes to you and yours

Hold it down. Support him and try to understand, i know its a tough time but he probably needs you right now. Try to talk about it and see whats on his mind.This will only make you both stronger.