I feel myself slipping

A few years ago I struggled with anorexia. I was 12 and weighed 85 pounds. One of my best friends finnaly stepped in and got me help. Im now 14 and weigh 120. Im starting to feel really self concious, especially because this guy I like chose a really skinny girl over me. And i need to be skinny to continue with my skating career. I just wanna lose some of the weight I have gained back. Maybe slim down to like 105. I know its wrong to start not eating but dieting just hasnt worked for me. What should I do?

Hey, I'm 16 and I can understand where you're coming from. When I was 11, I had a major bout with anorexia and it's still a struggle for me now. In fact, the last two weeks have been really tough for me... It might sound hypocritical for me to be giving you advice when I should be the one listening to my own advice, but here's what I think anyways:

First of all, I'm sorry that the guy you like is going out with someone else, but don't let it tear you apart. You shouldn't push yourself to lose weight or be skinnier to impress a guy. If a guy can't see you for who you are (no matter if you're a size 2 or a size 20), he's not the guy for you.

Secondly, I know how important it must be to stay small for skating, but restricting should never be an option. If you want to continue with skating, you need to stay strong and healthy. By not eating, you are making yourself weaker, and it will eventually show in your routines. The risks of not eating definitely outweigh the costs. btw: Has your coach said that you need to lose weight?

Hope I helped a little...Send me a message if you want to talk more :]