I feel really embarrassed and ashamed saying this, but I thi

I feel really embarrassed and ashamed saying this, but I think I have a spending issue. It isn't just shopping but anything really. Food, drinks, pet supplies, subscriptions, amazon is a big one. I will always buy the most expensive option because in my head more expensive is better quality. I'm not in a lot of debt only about 2000, but I feel myself having no control over my spending. Every time I pay it down, I build it back up within a month or two. I can't say no to myself or to anyone else who asks me to go out or do something. Overall, I just feel out of control. I think my spending got really bad when I inherited my late father's house and my ex-boyfriend broke up with me around the same time. I am so grateful for the house, but it has so many hard memories and it is full of stuff from my past that I'm too scared to get rid of. I haven't even told my financial advisor or my therapist about all of this. I guess I've been in denial because I'm not in massive amounts of debt, but I'm constantly worried about money and basically living paycheck to paycheck. I barely have any savings. I'm just so lonely and stressed out. I know being in debt doesn't mean Im a bad person, but it makes me feel stupid and like I've done something morally wrong. I've always been known as someone who overspends even as a little kid, so its always been a sore spot for me. I definitely use spending as a crutch for my anxiety and loneliness or just a way to stay busy. I think I just need emotional support and maybe a few kind words so I feel like I'm not completely hopeless or a bad person.

I don’t think your a bad person. You seem to already have a lot of insight into your problem and why u might be doing it. I know you don’t want to, but I think it’s best to mention it to your therapist. They are there to help you and not pass any judgement. U need support from them before your problem grows and your debt increases. I’m sorry the house brings about a lot of memories and anxiety. This website is great for support and maybe it will ease your loneliness a little bit.

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@Destiny2020 Thank you. I know you are right, I just need to get over my fear of judgment. I mean they are there to help me after all. I hope I can find comfort and support from the site. I already feel a lot better admitting I have a problem. This has been the first time I’ve really admitted it.