I feel so alone

I cannot understand why I am feeling so alone and empty inside without my asshole soon to be ex. He has hit me and cheated on me, so why am I feeling so lost right now. He has already moved on and is already dating like our marriage never even happened. He is going through life like all this is no big deal. I wish I could just shut off all the feelings I am having right now because I am tired of feeling like my life will not go on without him. I know this marriage was not all a waste because I have two wonderful boys, and things were not always bad between us. I just cannot believe that a few women tell him how great he is and now he feels that is enough to throw in the towel on our marriage. I know he is not worth my tears but I cannot turn my heart off. I cannot get out of my head that he told me"I found out when I was out of town that I am happier without you."Of course he would be happier because he has no responsibilities when he is out of town. I have also heard him say he likes Asian women because they appreciate him. No they are just not smart enough to see through all his lies. I know I should not care what he is doing but we were together for 22 years, and I am afraid that I will never find another man to share my life with. I really do not want to be alone, and I am afraid of that most of all.

i understand your feelings ,put your trust and faith in God.
if he has abused you and cheated on you ,i am sorry,i am sure you deserve better.i know what it feels like to be hurt and confused.God will provide for your needs

Oh man i know where you are coming from i have been down that road one time to many, i had the same thing happen to me it feels like its not real or WTF after all the good things in your relationship they just throw it away like it never really mattered while you keep loving them and they act like nothing ever happened...

But you not alone i am here for you i have been there myself my ex-wife used to verbally abuse me, but him hitting you is not cool you never hit a woman for any reason whats wrong with men nowadays??

If you want to talk more or share past experiences feel free to mail me any time you want i am also online while working we can talk more about it more.

You are going through separation anxiety. It will pass. Take care of yourself. Have fun and get to know who you are as you. You will get through this as a better more beautiful person.

I was married to my a-hole for 26 years. When he asked me for a divorce, he told me "He hadn't been in love with me for 5 years" Like a knife through my heart. Funny thing was, I hadn't been in love with HIM for over 5 years. He was a verbal abuser, who called me every name in the book, and he loved to do it in front of other people. Made him feel like a real "man". He's nothing but a coward, and not worth any thought I give him, which these days, ain't good.
I was afraid to leave him, and afraid to stay with him. I actually thought of divorcing him, waaaay before he asked me for one. Fortunately, I am totally and completely over him, and can't wait to move out, and move on.
You will get there. It takes time. I took me a year to get here. But you WILL get here.

Hi verbekeb, I hate to admit it, but once I filed for divorce I was on cloud nine, then once it was final I don't know what happened or why...but I felt lost and have continued to feel lost for right at a year now. He did every rotten thing to me under the sun, but I don't know where to go from here for some reason. As miserable as I was, it's really scary to be "out there" again. I think most people feel this way, not just you or me.

We're exploring new territory, and scared to death we might make a bad choice again in a mate, so I think that's why it's really important to take your time, get to know who you are, figure out what is most important for you to have with a potential "mate", and allow yourself as much time as you need to basically go through the healing process. Down the road, and out of the blue, someone will turn your head and you'll just know that's the one you're willing to try to have a relationship with.

You'll get there, and I know I will too when I'm ready. I'm just not ready yet...how long it takes is different for everyone. But believe me, I have no doubt whatsoever you will have happiness again in your life and I'm banking on that for myself too! Hugs to you! Sunshine!

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