I feel so depressed.. I can't believe this happened to me

I feel so depressed.. I can't believe this happened to me..

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What's going on?

I was diagnosed with HSV 1&2 four days ago..

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@Corea21 you still there honey? Sorry the thread derailed snd you heard about what happens in 1 out of every 500,000 cases…here’s to hoping you are 1 of the 499,999.

I'm sorry. It might be devastating now but it does get better. Are you on medicine for it? Make sure to relax and not stress much *easier said than done I know*

It does get better. It takes time to come to realise that your life is not over. This std won't kill you. Look at the positives. :)

The younger you are, the harder it is ... But it does get better ... You will see with time, just keep your head up. No point on dwelling on "this happened to me", so many other things to worry about. It does get better, your sex life won't be as frivolous as you wish it was, but it is not the end of the world...

Sorry, but it doesn't get better...next comes neurological problems. I have to were sunglasses everywhere to avoid bright lights...and I have to avoid turning my head certain directions to avoid pressure building up in my head...this is a horrible diseases with no cure! Don't spread it to anyone...stay abstinent!

@CMBSY …I think you have other things wrong. Those are definitely not from herpes. The herpes virus is stored in the nerves in your lower back and should only lead to leg muscle aches or lower back ache during an outbreak. They aren’t the same nerves as in your head and neck… Which is also why the outbreak stays in the genital area and does not spread to other areas of the body except in super extreme cases that only happen to like less than .5% of people with herpes…

Wait what^ lol

Did you look up the long term effects of eating fried chicken, drinking, smoking, drinking soda ?? Im not afraid of the reality, but your case sounds extreme. I know people that have had it for over 20 years, and have no issues AT ALL. The reality is that your case seems to be a not so common case. So either support people or just keep your bitterness to yourself.

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@Pblmt you are the kind of person that will spread this, because you don’t consider the odds… Shame

The guy (or girl) JUST GOT DIAGNOSED, why are you telling him (or her) that their future is doomed ????? this is a SUPPORT site, and you're not being supportive. Let him/her cope with what he has on hand at this time, and in 8 years, you can share your knowledge about neurological effects of herpes. You never know, maybe he/she will get lucky and not have any neurological issues in the future. SUPPORT GROUPS, it's on big white letters at the top of the page.

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Oh dam he is right. It COULD cause neurological problems. 1 out of ever 500,000 a year. It is very rare.

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Well, at least we now know a celebrity in the world of Herpes. The 1 out of 500,000 that got the short end of the stick ... Sorry CMBSY ...

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@CMBSY - Rude? No. Me spreading herpes? Definetly not. Full of it? Sometimes. Being an ahole? Sure, why not. Anything else you wanna add? Seems like you know me so well. Stop being bitter and a Debby Downer. No one wants to hear your negativity (or facts, as you want to call them).

Yes, truth can be negative, finally one of your comments is welcomed. I just went through 11 different government and medical journal sites, I have quick access to these because of my profession, and out of ALL ppl w herpes, about 5% MAY develop complications with their vision, which when treated early with antivirals, such as Acyclovir, will dissipate within days. SOOOOO what you said is absolutely right! But only for 5% (possibly) of ppl with herpes, mostly the people that did not or do not take antivirals. So there, I am not talking out of my behind. Sorry you got it bad, but it is not the norm, and thanks for educating everyone on how bad it can get if left untreated. I would post the sites I visited, but we are not allowed to do so.

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@Pblmt Thank you :slight_smile:

Also a specific kind of meningitis could develop from herpes, usually triggered by an outbreak, that can again be treated with antivirals if caught early. You should really read more about what you have, maybe you won't be so negative about it ... It is not the end of the world.

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Now stop being negative about it.