I feel so stupid and childish crying at work bc i dont like

I feel so stupid and childish crying at work bc i dont like the place, bc im tired of the work and im scared i wont be able to find something else to work on, specially cuz i dont have college and the jobs available to me i dont want to do, e.g receptionist, telemarketing, im scared i will not "grow" in life and be at those jobs living unhappily for the rest of my life.

nicikiwi I am a retired engineer. At one time in my life I was young like you. I didn’t like those jobs either. I was horrible at them and wanted something different. Realizing this is the first step to moving forward in your life. Change takes time, but you have to make choices that can open doors for you. For me I started college even though I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I did well and one day, a professor told us that the engineering field was wide open. I liked math and told myself that I was going to try that. I brushed up on my math skills like algebra before entering an engineering course. It was a long, hard road. But I did it. You can make changes in your life too.

I feel the same way.
You just have to figure out what interests you and take a risk. I believe in you!!! You will keep growing and building skills.

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lol I literally just cried for similar reasons. Im at university, and trust me people have very very different life paths that get them to different places. I really wasnt sure if I should start another, completely different bachelors degree. But the cost is rhe same as if I did a masters. Figure out what it is you LIKE. And I guarantee you you can find a job in that field, it might not be exactly what you want right away, but you can vegin carving a path to get there. What subjects did you enjoy in school? I highly recommend getting an education in that, even if it's a 2 y diploma, the time flies by. If you dont like reception work, thats awesome, many careers that make money dont require that.

@Doodle1234 my problem lately has been that i like many things, my first thought for college was psychology, now i have hr, one that im not sure about the name in english but its radio and television, biochemistry but i dont feel smart enough for that one, i dont really like the idea of college and i feel like i lost so much time depressed and now its too late and im wasting it again bc i cant take action on things. I loved science in school but i dont remember being good at it and i dont understand things now. What are you studying?

@HealthyLife if i dont have health insurance. I cant believe we have been working as a society like this with the mentality that this is it, this is how jobs are and we are all going to be miserable for the rest of our lives, if we find something we like, if we dont we will live to pay bills and have little moments of joy