I fell in love with a girl who has a boyfriend and she knows

I fell in love with a girl who has a boyfriend and she knows that I did and all she always tells me is that i knew the situation before i got into it but she keeps pulling my feelings by telling me she really likes me and whats to see where we go. I just hate the fact that she is playing with me and I usually don't fall for girls this hard. smh

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Hey there. So she has both you and her boyfriend with her? Does her boyfriend know about you? Is she still wanting to be with him? I think that you deserve to have 100% of another person like you give of yourself. Hugs and love to you.

@Aura82 Her boyfriend knows about me but i don’t think he knows how strong the feelings are between me and her. And she says she wants to be with him but gets mad when i try to back off. I really do deserve to be able to have all of a person because all i want to do is love someone without all the extra bs

If you want to talk I'm here and i hate that too because love can make you do crazy things

@depressed_mamii thank you for understanding it really does. I just think its crazy that it took me so long to finally start liking someone after 3 years and she has a guy and I fell real hard for a girl the first time in my life.

I was recently in a very similar situation with someone I considered an amazing friend. Assuming that you identify as female yourself, it's important to realize she may not be comfortable with the idea of coming out. If this is not the case and you identify as male or she is just lying I suggest taking a break from them. It was very hard for me to do especially considering the girl was one of my best friends. However, sometimes giving yourself a month or two away from the person really gives you time to think.